AKC Bernese Mountain Dog, Uzoma! We are super excited to see her offspring again this summer! She has only had one litter for us and she is turning four years old soon. Uzoma is a fabulous nurturing mother and is a great milk producer for those chubby bernedoodles!!!!

Uzoma is one of our best guard dogs on the farm, tho she is sweet and kind when it comes to giving her human companions love and affection. We love big teddy bear Berners, and that is exactly what she is!

This pretty girl, Uzoma, comes from champion bloodlines and we expect to see healthy, quality puppies in 2022.

Health Testing

Degenerative Myelopathy = “Carrier” (1 normal allele/1 DM mutation), puppies will not be affected when bred to “Clear” sire. von Willebrand’s Disease Type 1 = “Clear”, Hyperuricosuria = “Clear”, OFA Certificate Pending, though she is cleared through parentage.