AKC Bernese Mountain Dog

Health Testing: OFA Prelim Hips = “good”, Elbows = "normal", OFA advanced cardiac clearance = "normal", OFA eye clearance = "normal", von Willebrand's Disease Type I - "Clear", Degenerative Myelopathy - "Clear".

ABOUT ME“ – I’m an 86 pound Bernese Mountain Dog and my name is Silje (pronounced sill-ya). My mom believes I’m the happiest dog alive, because I always greet her with a smile and a wagging tail. In fact I greet total strangers this way too! I am also very ‘talkative’ in letting you know how much I appreciate you loving up on me! Everyone likes a little tummy massage or rub behind the ears, but I LOVE them and I promise to be your best friend if you treat me special!

Funny Story – My neighbor (Danika) came over to pick up her dog, Shelah, who used to live here… (I guess, dogs always remember their first home).. 🙂 Danika opened the door and said, “Get in, let’s go Shelah!” and Silje jumped right in….When I got home I realized Shelah was still in the yard and Silje was gone!

The moral of the story, don’t leave your car door open when you come to visit our farm, because you might just get another passenger that loves car-rides!….Although, mama Lacey might be calling you!

Past Bernedoodle Puppies from Silje:

Our pretty girl, Fazi!