AKC Golden Retriever

Preliminary OFA for hips and elbows = “good", PRA-prcd = "clear", degenerative myelopathy = "clear".


Mali” — Our one and only Golden Retriever, my mother gifted me with this dog as a surprise! Little did I know she would be my lifetime companion and best friend.. Mali Girl was born for ‘retrieving’, whether it be hunting or just playing fetch! She is a very talented, agile, and outgoing dog who was born for water sports. She loves playing with her puppies and taking them swimming in the summertime on our beautiful farm. She is such a joy to our family, I cannot imagine life without her!!! We hope her babies will put their lovable paw prints all over your hearts, as well!

Pup-date: “Aslan” an F1 Standard Goldendoodle from Tobias x Mali has become a wonderful service dog for an honorable retired marine veteran in CA, Thank You for your service Mr. and Mrs. Moreno!

Past Puppies: