Bringing Puppy Home

Starting the Process – Deposits

If you have been pre-selected for adoption there are a few options you can use to place a non-refundable deposit in order to reserve your new puppy. This is the only way to secure your selection as our available puppies changes on a day-by-day basis. Although, your deposit is non-refundable, it is transferrable to another litter/puppy of equal or greater value from Country Lace Kennels. Please do not place a reserve if you have not spoken with us directly. Thank you!

  1.  Option number one: upload VENMO cash app to your phone; instant and free of charge. Search for Lacey Hewitt-Perry or @laceyperry using my cell phone number: 931-371-0043
  2. Option number two: send a personal check via snail-mail addressed to Country Lace Bernedoodles or Lacey & Justin Perry, please email or text me for my full home address. This option of payment is only acceptable for reserving your puppy not for the final payment.
  3. Option number three: use the PayPal link below. Anyone using PayPal WILL be billed 3% of the deposit amount on the final receipt. This option of payment is only acceptable for reserving your puppy not for the final payment.

Reserve Your Puppy

The $250 reserve ensures your name will be placed on a waiting list for the Bernedoodle, Goldendoodle, Bernese Mountain Dog or Poodle Puppy of your choice. The $250 fee will be subtracted from the final price of your puppy, shipping not included. Please specify the breed, litter, puppy (if already born), and size of puppy you are most interested in adopting. Also, be sure to send us a copy of the last page of our “Purchase Agreement” when you place your reserve. Keep in mind we offer a $100 discount on your second puppy! Reminder: do not place your reserve if you have not spoken with us directly. Thank you!


Final Payment

When it comes time to pick up your puppy, you will be responsible for the remaining balance of your puppy depending on the price we have agreed upon – at that time personal checks or paypal are not accepted. You will receive an invoice at least one week prior to the take-home day of your puppy. We do not allow our puppies to leave earlier than their eight week old birthday. You may only use cash, money order, cashiers check, venmo or zelle for final payment. Your invoice will reflect a $40 health certificate if you live outside the state of Tennessee. Please remember you are also subject to Tennessee State Sales Tax fee of 9.5%. Shipping is the responsibility of the new pet owner, see options below.

Planning for Take-Home & Delivery

We encourage new puppy owners to pick up their puppy personally either by meeting us at BNA (Nashville, TN) or HSV (Huntsville, AL), or by physically driving to our farm in Frankewing, TN. This makes for a more personal experience and gives our customers a good sense of security, knowing their puppy was handled correctly and cared for appropriately during transportation process. However, it is not always easy to travel – if you prefer to have your puppy hand delivered to your closest airport (rather than flying or driving to pick up your puppy), we would be more than happy to connect you with a world class puppy nanny.

Delivery options need to be discussed with me prior to the “pick-up” (graduation) date with reasonable time for us to prepare your puppy and before your puppy turns eight weeks of age, options may include: meeting within 100 mile radius of our farm, meeting at one of the airports listed above, farm pickup, or flight nanny services. If you are not able to pick up your puppy the week of their eight week old birthday, we can hold puppies for an extra fee of $75 per week. Flight Nanny cost is the responsibility of new puppy owners, as well as the price of fuel if you choose any of the delivery options.


Your puppy’s nutrition is very important to us, which is why we encourage our mother’s to nurse their puppies as long as possible. As soon as puppies can start eating soft food, around three weeks of age, we start them on Hills Science Diet ‘Small Bites’, which is a puppy starter dry pebble. Sometimes we turn this into a gruel by adding Natural Whole Goats Milk or Water depending on the needs of the puppies in the litter. This is a very healthy way to supplement if there are a large number of puppies in the litter. Supplementing with goats milk does not mean puppies do not get to nurse from their mother. Rather, supplementing actually enables their mother to have a break; promoting bonding and decreasing the probability of the dam abandoning puppies too early. Abandonment is very common with Bernese Mountain Dog Mother’s. So, we try to be proactive using preventive methods to ensure optimal health of our precious canine babies.

When your puppy goes home, at 8-12 weeks of age, he will have new teeth and be eating a completely dry, premium pebble formulated for his size; Hills Science Diet; Large Breed Puppies, Regular Puppies or Small Paws. We highly encourage you to continue this diet, but if you would like to switch after your puppy has been with your family for a few months. Do your research and also ask your veterinarian for advice!

We also feed our puppies and adult dogs a daily vitamin called “NuVet Labs”. Your puppy has already been started on this yummy wafer or powder form daily vitamin, so please remember to order before your puppy gets home to keep things as “familiar” as possible. Click HERE to order now and remember to use reference number: 29702.

We are absolutely firm believers in using Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for optimal brain health and development, this formula contains Omega 3’s and has proven to be affective in studies for service dogs and high performance training as a daily supplement. Please order at: or

Another great product that new puppy owners should consider is Doc Roy’s GI Synbiotics for gut health. This can be given orally, once daily, for the rest of your puppy dogs life because it is so healthy. It is especially important to give this supplement daily during the transitional (high-stress) stages of coming home, or after any antibiotic treatments have been given. Please order at : . If you forget to order this product before your puppy comes home, one – two table spoons of original greek yogurt can be given for the same great benefits.

nuvet labs dogs cats vitamins supplements header


Call Us Toll Free: (800) 474-7044
Order Code: 29702


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nuvet labs dogs cats vitamins supplements veterinarian recommended
nuvet labs dogs cats vitamins supplements veterinarian recommended
nuvet labs dogs cats vitamins supplements veterinarian recommended


Dog Beds/Crates

We have found these dog beds to be SUPER quality and excellent in durability! Please see: Kuranda Dog Beds and Crates

The 40 in. x 25 in. size is sufficient for our Mini-Medium puppies to grow into, and the 50 in. x 36 in. size is sufficient for our standard sized puppies to grow into.

They also offer FREE SHIPPING to the lower 46 states!

PureBites Training Treats

These are my favorite training treats of all time!!! You can purchase them on on amazon for the best buy, or any pet store should have them on hand! I keep them on a monthly auto ship.

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