F1 Mini – Medium Bernedoodles

The F1 Mini - Medium Bernedoodle is estimated to mature at 35-59 lbs. "F1" is considered first generation when crossing a registered Bernese Mountain Dog with a registered Poodle. In this generation the offspring is 50% Poodle and 50% BMD. Typically, these puppies have a more flat-wavy coat type and you see more physical traits reflected from the Bernese Mountain Dog, such as blocky nose and muscular stature. These puppies are good for most ppl with allergies and are classified as minimal-low shedding when the appropriate coat testing has been performed on the poodle. We do our very best to start all our puppies off on the best track possible, which includes: providing them with the best nutrition, supplements, veterinarian screenings, socialization and early neurological stimulation. Please see the breeding pairs below we have carefully selected to produce F1 Mini-Medium Bernedoodle puppies of excellent personality and health.  

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Available Bernedoodles Now!

Rugar x khloe

Date of Birth: January 30th, 2023

Expected Take Home: March 27th, 2023

Adoption Fee: $4,200

Please call me with any questions you might have about joining our waitlist. Accepting three more reserves for this litter! Keep in mind this is our last litter of F1 Mini-Medium Bernedoodles until further notice.

Lacey Perry #931-371-0043

Master Wait List F1 Mini-Medium Bernedoodles, 2023:

  1. Jonathan Swart
  2. Yeugenia Samardin
  3. Alexia Germscheid
  4. Renee Burk
  5. Catherine Dowley
  6. Mat Schwartz
  7. Trudy Johnson
  8. Romina Mazzoni
  9. Available Reserve
  10. Available Reserve
  11. Available for Standby Only