F1 Standard Bernedoodles

The F1 Standard Bernedoodle has an expected maturity weight of 65-120 lbs (depending on the specific genetics of parents, this is a broad estimate). F1 Standard Bernedoodles are a cross between the registered Bernese Mountain Dog and the registered Standard Poodle; offspring is 50% BMD and 50% Poodle. Please be sure to advise your breeder if you cannot handle a dog of this size, or if you prefer a standard on the smaller end of the weight spectrum. We do not guarantee maturity weight with ANY of our puppies, this is because genetics are difficult to predict. We are diligent to track infant weights at 2, 4 and 6 weeks of age before selection day takes place. This helps to ensure weight trends are accurate and our customers can choose according to their preferences. F1 Standard Bernedoodles can be exceptional service or therapy dogs with the appropriate training. They are naturally calm, respectable and loyal animals which makes them a highly coveted breed among dog owners. At Country Lace Bernedoodles we do our very best to start all our puppies off on the best track possible. We do this by providing our puppies with the best nutrition, supplements, veterinarian screenings, socialization and early neurological stimulation. Our puppies also receive initial basic training, to include potty training commands. Please see the breeding pairs we have carefully selected below, these parents have passed the appropriate health testing and breed specific genetic screenings that we believe is crucial to providing our customers with exceptional puppies.

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Bordeaux x Kaia

Birthdate : January 19th

Take Home: March 16th-30th of 2023

Expected Weight: 65-100 lbs

Master Wait List:

  1. Rachel Berlage
  2. Lainey Newell
  3. Alexia Germscheid
  4. Cat MacLeish
  5. Matt Schwartz 
  6. Romina Mazzoni
  7. Available Reserve
  8. Available Reserve
  9. Available Reserve
  10. Available Reserve

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