Health Testing, Includes: OFA Prelims (hips) = “Good,” Hyperuricosuria = “Clear”, PRA-prcd = “Clear”, Degenerative Myelopathy = “Clear”.

Isla and Belle

We have two beautiful Golden Retrievers that will be with us until old age, even after they are retired. These Girls are extremely loyal and loving, you can see the kindness and love they portray in their eyes. Belle and Mali (sisters) were given to me by my mother Kelli Hewitt as a gift. The Golden Retriever has been our families favorite breed since the very beginning, and I cannot imagine life without them. No wonder the beautiful hybrid breed of Goldendoodles is not just a fad, rather a beautiful addition to any family; young, old or with young children or teenagers. I guarantee you will not be disappointed, the health and longevity this breed portrays is also something that is worth investing in.