Past Puppies

These babies were out of Kahn x Chevy, our beautiful F1 Standard Bernedoodle litter. Currently they all have homes, though we are taking reserves for future litters. Please contact us directly, #931-371-0043.

My Cousin, Ramone helping me get caught up on some much needed photography sessions…. Meet sweet, sweet “Dolly” the Standard Bernedoodle Baby! These babies are changing by the hour – looking cute and squishy, as always.
“Dolly” and “Kitts”!

Paisley’s Puppies

Our Tucker x Paisley babies arrived on February 3rd, 2021. We are feeling blessed to have seven wonderfully colored and perfectly healthy puppies from these two beaut’s. Please fill out our application to get the process started. Take home no sooner than March 31st. These F1 Standard Bernedoodles should mature to 65-75 lbs – Meet our “Chronicles of Narnia” Themed Litter! – SOLD OUT.

F1 Standard Bernedoodles

Bear and Rose were born on December 17th 2020. These two have the whole package; they’re rollie – pollie in nature, healthy and majestic in stance and appearance. We are ecstatic to have big teddy-bear like standard bernedoodles that closely resemble their Bernese Mountain Dog sire, Kahn.. They both have a blocky nose, white cross on their chest and beautiful white abstract. “Bear” has a gorgeous (flat) and soft flowing coat, where “Rose” has a slightly curlier, long and flowing coat type. Both babies have a very calm, laid back (chill) personality and will do wonderfully almost any family style; with or without children. We are estimating them to mature in the 70-90 lb range. Take home no sooner than February 11th.

Bear (left) and Rose (Right)


Meet Sophie’s Singleton F1b Mini Goldendoodle, DOB: December 26th, 2020. Griffin should mature to 35-45 lbs. He is a very quite natured, and mature little fella. We sure adore his sweet nature and chubby appearance. My daughter, Isla, will miss him greatly when it comes time to say goodbye. Isla always has a few favorite puppies from every litter, so she learned quite quickly that her fur babies often go to families with children (sometimes her age). Which makes her heart so happy! Take-home day for Griffin – no sooner than February 20th, 2021.

Kaarina’s Puppies

Kaarina had a strikingly beautiful litter of five on Jan. 9th 2020. Every puppy was born healthy and thriving, except for the fact Kaarina’s milk didn’t come in fast enough for the increasing demands of her puppies. Kaarina was a great mom regardless and we are so proud of her for the love she showed her babies as a first time mother. On day three I brought the pups to our vet and visited in detail about options and a treatment plan, we all agreed it was best to slowly switch them over to a new mom. I tried to keep them on Kaarina as long as possible so they could get enough “liquid gold” colostrum.. But, it still wasn’t enough. I was just secretly hoping Kaarina would start producing enough milk to reverse the dehydration. After day six of supplementing, administering subcutaneous fluids, and getting very little sleep. Our dear mom Sophie was able to keep up with the growing needs of Kaarina’s babies and her singleton, “Griffin”. It was a blessing in disguise Sophie had only one puppy that was just two weeks older than Kaarina’s babies, so she was able to increase her milk supply quickly! Sophie is now nursing six mini-medium doodles and keeping up wonderfully. We have increased her calorie intake, with raw meat and free choice premium puppy dry pebble, as well as giving her the regular supplements we give all our nursing mothers, including: omega 3 fatty acids, Oral Cal Plus and Oxy Mamma. This experienced momma seems to be enjoying her new babies, you can look for updates on our Facebook page. We are feeling so blessed! Selections are tentatively planned for February 19th. Take home no sooner than March 6th, 2020.

Kira’s Puppies

Kira’s F1b Mini-Medium Sized Bernedoodles are growing and gaining weight nicely. There is nothing cuter than a chubby, healthy little puppy!!! I cannot believe our Reindeer pups are four weeks and three days old already! We just adore their sweet personalities and cuddly nature… I’m so excited for my customers and their families to meet them, and it’s happening all too soon. Selections are tentatively scheduled for January 30th. If you are on our waitlist for this litter, you can expect an email from me soon. Take-home day no sooner than February 12th. More photos of Kira’s litter of ten will be posted here. Thank you!

Kira’s Christmas Puppies

Kira’s Christmas 2020 Puppies arrived on January 28th, 2020! These babies are F1b Bernedoodles, Mini-Medium in size. We have a variety of colors and coat types to choose from. Selections are tentatively scheduled for January 30th, 2021 for these 10 puppies. At this time, our waitlist for this litter is full – consisting of three on standby.

May 26th, 2020

We are feeling so blessed this rainy day, two very healthy litters of F1 Bernedoodles born two days apart. Thank you for your prayers, EVERY puppy and both moms are perfect! PTL!

Also, please give me a couple days to return your email messages and voice messages. We promise to reply soon, TY for understanding; the heath of our new mothers and newborns take priority during these busy and exciting times. – Lacey

If you need to get ahold of me quickly, please text or call: #931-371-0043, God bless!

Corbin x Katya Standard Litter of Five; Four Phantom, One Merle. DOB: 05-26-20
Rockwell x Nadja Mini Litter of Seven; Three Tri and Four Black and White. DOB: 05-24-20

April 2020

We are super excited for our loyal customers who have placed deposits with us for upcoming litters! We expect to have a busy summer, bouncing with bernedoodle & goldendoodle puppies! Please click HERE to see expected due dates for: BurjDe, Nadja, Uzoma, & Paris who have been bred for F1 Miniature Bernedoodles. We’ve also recently bred Katya and Laila for F1 Standard Bernedoodles, and Fazi and Kira for F1b Mini-Medium Sized Bernedoodles. Sophie will also be bred soon for F1b English Creme Mini Goldendoodles. Keep in mind artificial insemination is not an exact science, so it is unlikely that every female we bred for Mini-Medium sized Bernedoodles will be pregnant. Check back for updates and ultra sound confirmation of pregnancies at their one month gestation mark. We look forward to introducing some new and gorgeous babies starting May 2020 and going into June. In the meantime we will be prepping our nurseries, feeding our girls their special pregnancy high-cal diets, OxyMate vitamins and giving them lots of love and affection during this time. We will keep you posted as the days get closer, feel free to call anytime with questions about how to bring one of our lovely puppies home. Lacey’s Cell #931-371-0043, or Email:

Dahlia – F1 Miniature Bernedoodle, Home in MN
Candy – F1 Miniature Bernedoodle, home in MN

Spring 2020

You may be wondering “whats new and coming up on the farm”? Please feel free to call or email anytime if you are currently on our waitlist and looking for “updates” with potential litters OR if you are looking to get your name on our waitlist. We would love to hear from you either way! I apologize for not posting more updates, but we will try to do better in the future. Everyday since the move in December we feel more “at home” and settled. I planted peach, pear and apple trees yesterday and I’m slowly getting back into Gardening and doing things that make this land feel like “home”! Working/training horses and dogs is what makes me smile on a day-to-day basis and being with them brings me more joy than I can express! I am so blessed have my animals and family so close to me – God is so good! Of course, our priority jobs have kept us busy, such as getting our dog houses “comfy” for our mamas and trying to get, water, electricity and air-conditioning units put in for our big Berners before the heat comes. Luckily, my husband was able to take off work and come down before the move to get some of the bare necessities done! As you can only imagine moving dogs, horses and kids 1,400 miles across the country is not an easy task! It does take time for things to feel normal, I’ve come to find out routine is everything!!! Not only for our children, but also for the dogs and animals. Believe it or not, they thrive with stability and gravitate to their human owners with the most level, calm and stable personality type. So, we try to do our very best to find balance; a happy-medium with work and play, not only for our children but for our animals, as well. We cannot do anything without our Heavenly Father helping us every step of the way. So, we are very thankful.

We look forward to having a litter or two of F1 Mini Bernedoodles this year! Currently, “BurjDe” is being progesterone tested every 48 hours at our local veterinarian. The Pulaski Vet Clinic has been PHENOMENAL for all our needs, they specialize in stock animals and companion animals. They know all my dogs by name already, and we could not be happier with their services, love, care and commitment they have for animals. BurjDe is still showing low numbers, but within the next week she should be ready. We will be artificially inseminating her with Winston. An ultra-sound for pregnancy confirmation can be done at four weeks gestation. We do expect 100% tri-colors with Winston.

Coming up this year, you can also expect a litter of F1 Standard Bernedoodles! We expect some flashy colors (50% Merle and 50% Tri-color)! So, Please stay posted for our new Standard Bernedoodle Babies!

Currently, we do have some availability, including: F1 Mini Goldendoodles, F1b Medium Goldendoodles and (soon to be born) F1 Petite Goldendoodles! Please, check out our “Available Puppies” page for updates.

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Psalm 1:1-3 KJV
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