New Puppies

If you follow us on social media you know our house is bouncing with doodle puppies! We will start selections for Lady’s F1b Mini Sheepadoodles this weekend, and the weekend of August 23rd we will start selections for Missy’s F1b Mini-Medium Goldendoodles. This is a fun time for our families to meet their puppy on FaceTime or visit the farm during their scheduled visit, we typically give families one hour to talk with us and ask questions about personality type, different coat types and we also provide personality testing when needed. It is important to be in close contact with your breeder if you are concerned about bringing home a puppy that might be too passive natured for your lifestyle, or if you have young children you might be concerned about bringing home a puppy with a more outgoing personality type that could become over-bearing. If you are a highly active and outdoorsy family, this type of puppy might be best to keep up with your busy lifestyle. These are important things to tell your breeder before choosing a puppy, keeping in mind all puppies require consistency and training!

It is also important for your whole family to be on board with the responsibilities of caring, training and grooming your new puppy. Because they need daily exercise, playtime, and nap time. Quiet time for puppies is equally important as exercise. If your puppy is not receiving enough down time or exercise, more often than not you will notice a change in his/her attitude or behavior. This is why we like to hear how they are adjusting once they enter your home. How is their demeanor, do they seem happy/sad or overly rambunctious? Your breeder might have answers to help read your new puppy’s behavior.

Baby Aubie with Missy’s Goldendoodles!

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