What to Expect

We have some exciting litters coming up this summer; F1 mini- medium bernedoodles, F1b mini-medium bernedoodles and (possibly) one litter of F1b mini-medium Goldendoodles! June 2022 might be bouncing with Rollie-Pollie Puppies at the Perry household! Though, we are still waiting on ultra sound confirmations on some of the girls, I expect at least three litters.

Keep in mind the mini-medium litters must be bred via artificial insemination and there is a higher chance of error (not accepting pregnancies) with this process of progesterone testing/breeding. We should have an ultra sound confirmation on these girls at five weeks gestation. Here are the expected due dates:

1. Taylor, Due Date – 06/12, F1 Mini/Medium Bernedoodles

2. Missy, D.D. – 06/16, F1 Mini/Medium Goldendoodles

3. Fazi, D.D. – 06/24, F1b Mini/Medium Bernedoodles

4. Miss Mae, D.D – 06/24, F1b Micro Bernedoodles

5. Nadja, D.D. – 06/26, F1 Mini/Medium Bernedoodles

6. Uzoma, D.D. – 06/ 30, F1 Mini/Medium Bernedoodles

F1 mini/medium bernedoodles!
Isla and Nadja
F1b Mini Goldendoodles
F1b Mini Bernedoodle

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