F1 Standard Bernedoodles

Bear and Rose were born on December 17th 2020. These two have the whole package; they’re rollie – pollie in nature, healthy and majestic in stance and appearance. We are ecstatic to have big teddy-bear like standard bernedoodles that closely resemble their Bernese Mountain Dog sire, Kahn.. They both have a blocky nose, white cross on their chest and beautiful white abstract. “Bear” has a gorgeous (flat) and soft flowing coat, where “Rose” has a slightly curlier, long and flowing coat type. Both babies have a very calm, laid back (chill) personality and will do wonderfully almost any family style; with or without children. We are estimating them to mature in the 70-90 lb range. Take home no sooner than February 11th.

Bear (left) and Rose (Right)

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