Kaarina’s Puppies

Kaarina had a strikingly beautiful litter of five on Jan. 9th 2020. Every puppy was born healthy and thriving, except for the fact Kaarina’s milk didn’t come in fast enough for the increasing demands of her puppies. Kaarina was a great mom regardless and we are so proud of her for the love she showed her babies as a first time mother. On day three I brought the pups to our vet and visited in detail about options and a treatment plan, we all agreed it was best to slowly switch them over to a new mom. I tried to keep them on Kaarina as long as possible so they could get enough “liquid gold” colostrum.. But, it still wasn’t enough. I was just secretly hoping Kaarina would start producing enough milk to reverse the dehydration. After day six of supplementing, administering subcutaneous fluids, and getting very little sleep. Our dear mom Sophie was able to keep up with the growing needs of Kaarina’s babies and her singleton, “Griffin”. It was a blessing in disguise Sophie had only one puppy that was just two weeks older than Kaarina’s babies, so she was able to increase her milk supply quickly! Sophie is now nursing six mini-medium doodles and keeping up wonderfully. We have increased her calorie intake, with raw meat and free choice premium puppy dry pebble, as well as giving her the regular supplements we give all our nursing mothers, including: omega 3 fatty acids, Oral Cal Plus and Oxy Mamma. This experienced momma seems to be enjoying her new babies, you can look for updates on our Facebook page. We are feeling so blessed! Selections are tentatively planned for February 19th. Take home no sooner than March 6th, 2020.

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