Spring 2019

We have had quite an eventful spring this year, welcoming two small litters of F1 Mini-Medium size Bernedoodles. Flower’s litter was born on Easter and Nadja followed in her footsteps the following Friday! Both Nadja and Flower are experts at knowing their bodies, giving birth and caring for their young. This is my all time favorite part of the business; to see and witness new life. As a previous OB nurse helping care for pregnant women, breastfeeding, and engaging in all aspects of prenatal/postnatal care… This baby stuff just gets me excited! If you all love seeing new life and witnessing the amazing birthing experience as much as I do, please let me know in the comments and I will try to post more. Also, let me know if you would like to see more graphic videos. Here is Nadja pushing in the second stage of labor.


We have some beautiful litters in the making:

1) We are expecting F1b Mini-Medium (25-50lb), 75% Parti-Color Goldendoodles, May 24th and this pregnancy is confirmed. These puppies will vary in price from $1800-$2200.

2) We are currently breeding our beautiful Poodle female named, “Creamsicle” to Rockadoodles gorgeous, english creme AKC Golden Retriever. These F1 Medium Sized Goldendoodles will start at $2400.

We also are checking heat cycles daily and plan to breed more F1 Standard Bernedoodles, F1 Mini-Medium Bernedoodles and F1b Mini-Medium Bernedoodles this year. Please check back soon for more updates regarding specific pregnancies. Since the weather is slow to warm up, we should be seeing more of our girls start to cycle very soon.

Until next time…Remember to be kind, love, and forgive always even if we do it imperfectly, God will cover our sins.  – Lacey

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