Upcoming Litters

Summer is in full swing!

Typically we have females come in heat in groups, three-four times a year: Dec-Jan, around March, May-June and again starting now Aug-Oct.  Since most of my girls only menstruate once per year, we need to be diligent about checking heat cycles on a daily basis. We run a strict schedule to keep our dogs in routine, so if you do not hear back from me  immediately, I am probably taking care of dogs! Please leave a message and I will return your call ASAP.

If you or a loved one is patiently waiting for your future F1 Miniature Bernedoodle or Standard Bernedoodle, I cannot say “Thank You” enough!  We should have great news very soon regarding our Miniature Bernedoodles in 2019.

* We recently added a few mature (breeding age) AKC Bernese Mountain Dog females to our program. So, we will have more chances of getting everyone matched with puppies this year! Thank you in advance for your patience.*

UPDATE on 10/22: Raphael x Silje had 8 healthy F1 Standard Bernedoodles on October 14th, 2018. Unfortunately, Silje needed an emergency c-section. Our amazing veterinarian welcomed Silje in his surgery room Sunday evening and successfully delivered every puppy and saved Silje’s life, as well. She would have never been able to deliver puppies on her own. Praise goes to Jesus; Silje is recovering exceptionally well and is gaining her strength back every day!! God is good.

Update on 10/23: Laila is expecting F1 Mini-Med Bernedoodles. We had such a fun time viewing the little heart beats on the ultra sound. Laila does not have a lot of babies in her womb, but they look healthy! Katya was also confirmed pregnant and she has a nice number of healthy puppies growing inside her. We are excited to welcome these two litters of F1 Mini-Med Size Bernedoodles into our home. Will keep you all posted soon!!!


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