F1 Standard Goldendoodles

10.25.18 – We still have two gorgeous female F1 Standard Goldendoodles available and two gorgeous male F1 Standard Goldendoodles available. These puppies are great with children, they are classified as “low-shedding” and good for MOST people with allergies. Typically, males do grow a little bigger than females. I expect them to weigh approximately 65-75 lbs at full maturity. The dam Mali LOVES water, she will go swimming everyday in the summer-time (multiple times per day). If you have children that love dogs, these lovable puppies are for you. A dog truly is man’s best friend, I am reminded of this every time I have a litter of puppies!!!  Your kids will surely enjoy teaching your new puppy tricks and your puppy will enjoy bringing the adventurous side of your kids out. At the end of the day, these pups are ready to greet your kids at the school bus or snuggle up on the sofa! They are at least 90% potty trained.

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