Welcome to Country Lace Kennel! We are a small home-based business specializing in raising quality, healthy, and intelligent bernedoodles. We believe animals are one of God’s great blessings to us, so we do our very best to imprint and socialize puppies from day one until they are united with their forever families. Human contact is what makes puppies thrive, so we love nothing more than to unite our pups with families we believe will provide them a loving home environment for the duration of their life.

Top row: Lacey, Isla, Anne, Justin, Lane and Easton. Bottom row (Dogs): Silje, Mali, Katya, Laila, Mercy and BurjDe.
About the Process

Once our puppies leave the premises we will not disown you or your new puppy; we have a pre-written, two-year health warranty and we provide life-long support as needed to ensure the happiness of our dogs and their new owners for years to come. It is hard for us to see our puppies grow, learn of their temperament and personalities only to see them leave at eight-twelve weeks of age. We will miss each and every one of our puppies dearly, so please remember to send us updates and pictures from time-to-time! Message us now to receive a more thorough description of how our waitlists work, this is the best way to get matched with a puppy of the same energy and personality type similar to your family! ~ The Perrys

A righteous [man] regardeth the life of his beast:but the tender mercies of the wicked [are] cruel. Proverbs 12:10

Thank you, “Dog-Learn” for choosing Country Lace Bernedoodles as a Quality Breeder!

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